IB - inspection Body


New Israeli standard SI 6464 for internal (inside plants) piping, equipment, stations and appliances / end users of NG requires a checkup by a IB. 

CH4EC has the capability to supply such services: 

  • Checkup and certification of end user / consumer / appliance, see link to Ministry of Energy approval letter 
  • TPI assessements Of end user's piping, equipment & stations 
  • TPI (Third Party Inspection) services: usually required for "old" existing equipment or a custom made system or for approval of a "marriage" between separately chosen burner and boiler / oven / furnace 

Instructions / Lectures / Courses


CH4EC specializes in NG issues and can offer the following courses: 

  • Technicians and Practical engineers' courses, Installers, Operators, HSE Superintendents, Plant's Taylor-made courses 
  • DVGW courses for engineers (link to Syllabus) 
  • DVGW courses for O&M personnel (Link To Syllabus)
  • Combustion Engineering course: how to use standards, equipment checkup for conformance to standards, old/existing equipment certification, required documentation, etc. 


Distribution Consultancy 


:We can supply a full package to distribution company

  • Documents management plans 
  • Gas station design 
  • Odorization units design and operation 
  • Maintenance services 24/7/365 
  • Pressure test services 
  • Gasification activities 
  • Emergency response teams 
  • Construction supervision 
  • SCADA consultancy

Related / Other Consultancies


We can deliver the following services: 

  • Insurance claims in case of natural gas accidents 
  • Cyber consultancy on natural gas issues 
  • Government and municipalities consultancy in natural gas routing issues 
  • And more

Cogeneration & Tri-Generation 

Plants are connecting to NG low pressure mains constantly. Owners always like to check possibilities to save more money by using NG. The best option is to supply internally the electricity consumption and other benefits from heat recovery. 


Addition of gas engine/generator for electricity production and performance of heat recovery (Cogeneration) for hot water, steam or any other usage, or adding absorption chiller (Tri-generation) will save a lot of money to the plant. 


We have the knowledge to consult and escort the plant in this saving road and own a powerful computerized tool for examination of alternatives and non-biased recommendations.