Who We Are


CH4EC has recognized the necessity for local Natural Gas professionals and has started its activity in 2013. 

CH4EC deals with a variety of Natural Gas related issues as from plants licensing, pipelines, construction escorting, supervision, Natural Gas Engineering, energy consultation, cogeneration and tri-generation plants, O&M services and IB services


What Do We Do


CH4EC's engineers hold many years of experience in a diversity of fields of interest which give us the ability to pass successfully the bureaucratic authorities obstacles. Our vast experience in high pressure, low pressure, very low pressure, appliances certification, cogeneration and tri-generation enable us to supply a customer with a full package which gives him the opportunity to use us as one point of contact and lower process expenses until natural Gas really flows in his pipes and plants. 


Why Us


  • Designers for all Distribution companies in Israel 
  • Most experienced personnel in Israel (since 2004) 
  • Ability to supply related services: 
    • Gassing Up 
    • 2nd Party inspection 
    • Appliances Certification 
    • Equipment TPI 
    • Equipment and Stations Specifications 
    • Equipment and Stations Check Up 
    • O&M 
  • DVGW Training (the only Certified Trainers in Israel) 
  • Organizers of HAZOP Leaders courses by a European Notified Body 
  • Organizers of Combustion Engineering courses dedicated for end users and appliances certification by a European Notified Body 
  • Non biased 
  • Ability to pay attention and concentrate on any customer's needs 
  • Good connections and good name in front of the authorities 
  • Burners' conversion consultancy and conduct in front of an Inspection Body 
  • The only ones who worked for all sections: offshore, transmission, distribution and end users
  • Inspection Body (IB), one of the few certified in Israel

New We are an inpection body (IB) authorized by the Natural Gas Authority (NGA) and Ministry of Energy along with SZU http://www.szutest.cz/en/